Noun Quiz

1. The boy is (a)/crying (b)/he(c)/must be hungry(d)/no error(e)

2. I am looking (a)/for a lady tailor (b)/to stitch a dress(c)/for my wife (d)/no error(e)

3.  I think (a)/this is not your pen(b)/it(c)/is somebody's else  (d)/no error(e)

4.  The (a)/table's leg (b)/is(c)/broken (d)/no error (e)

5. America's problems (a)/are (b)/not so serious and awful(c)/as India(d)/no error(e)

6. The headquarter of the army(a)/is in Delhi (b)/it's really very surprising(c)/that you do not know even this fact (d)/no error(e)

7.   Poonam ate (a)/two fourth (b)/of the pizza and gave the rest(c)/to Pooja (d)/no error(e)

8.  A(a)/twenty(b)/rupees(c)/ note(d)/no error(e)

9. Ravi has(a)/four(b)/dozens(c)/bananas (d)/no error(e)

10.  we are going to launch(a)/this Five crore project (b)/with(c)/the next few months (d)/no error(e)


1. C     2. B     3. D     4. B    5. D     6. A     7.B      8.C      9. C     `10. B


1.  Use it in place of he, "it" is used for new born child

2. Use tailoress in place of lady tailor

3. Somebody else's in place of else

4. The leg of table in place of table's,  generally we don't use possessive case with non living thing

5. Comparison should be in same thing so use India's problem

6. Correct word is headquarters',  just like Mathematics Physics etc.

7. One third is correct because one is singular two fourth is incorrect because two is plural it should be two fourths.

8. Because "note" is noun and the structure must be "Number + Noun (singular) + Noun.

9. Dozen In place of dozens, noun like million, hundred, thousand, pair, couple etc., they are plural in meaning and take the same form in singular and plural, only when they are used after definite number.

10. Hyphenated (-) noun is not used in plural form

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Current affairs 05/06/2019

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Current affairs 03-04/06/2019

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