SBI Clerk Exam pattern 2019

Monday 03 June 2019

SBI Clerk (Junior Associates) Examination is organized by SBI or State Bank of India for the recruitment of candidates  in various branches across the country.Candidates recruited as SBI Clerks are designated as Cashier, Depositors and other positions which become the face of a particular SBI Bank branch.

Exam Pattern

It is very important to know the exam pattern inside and out to crack the SBI Clerk (Junior Associates) 2019 exam.SBI Clerk 2019 will be held in two phases - preliminary and main.

The exam includes multiple choice questions (MCQ) and will be organized in online mode. In this artical we are discuss about the exam pattern of SBI Clerk. 

Exam Pattern of preliminary examination 

The duration of the preliminary examination is 1 hour whereas the main examination period is 2 hours 40 minutes.

Those candidates who can give their 10th and 12th results, they do not need to take the local language exam, whereas others need to qualify before joining. Those who do not pass the language test will be disqualified.

There are 3 sections in the examination -

  • Reasoning Ability, 
  • English Language
  • Numeric Ability

The time period for all segments is every 20 minutes. Marks received in the pre examination are only eligible marks for the main exam, it does not offer any kind of employment.


 S. No  Section   Marks  Time duration 
 1.  English   30  30
 2.  Numerical  35  35
 3.  Reasoning   35  35
     100  100




SBI Clerk Exam Pattern 2019 For Main Examination

However, both the pre and the main exams are organized on the same pattern. The difficulty level of the exam will be higher for the main.

There are 3 sections in the examination  

  • English Language
  • General awareness
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Reasoning Ability 


 S. No Section  No. Of question  Time alotted
 1.  General English   40  35


 General awareness   50  35
 3.  Quantitative Aptitude   50  45
 4.  Reasoning Ability  50  45
     190  160 min 




All the best 





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