RRB ALP preparation tips 2019

Monday 27 May 2019

Applicants who have applied for the RRB ALP Jobs they are selected based on the following tests conducted by the Railway Recruitment Boards ie, Written Examination and Skill Test. Download the RRB ALP Syllabus and Exam Pattern and preparation tips to score good marks in the Exam. Candidates can download the Railway Recruitment Board ALP Syllabus and Exam Pattern and preparation tips through the direct official link.  

Preparation Tips

Study Plan 

Count the days you are left with before the exam, and start distributing the syllabus over these days.Make daily targets, and check them off at the end of the day.

Before appearing for the RRB ALP CBT 3 Exam, it is important that you know every little detail of the Exam pattern, marking scheme, test batteries, types of questions asked, etc.

Note Making

Start writing down all the important concepts and formulae while your preparation.

You can revisit these for revision before the exam.

Once you are clear with your ALP CBT 3 Exam Pattern & other details, it is essential that you know Syllabus for the exam.


Start practicing as much as you can and give mock tests.

Remember to analyze these tests to clearly get an idea about your strong and weak points.

Also, practice a good number of questions to get an idea of questions. Read the article given below to know more about the Memory Test.

Once you solve a lot of Online Mock Tests, you will be aware of the fact that solving tests with maximum accuracy & speed is also a key.

Time Management

Time management will play a very important role while you attempt the exam.

Try to Start with topics you are already strong at. This will keep you confident and will save you from wasting time.

Even if you have a lot of time in your hand, it is important that you manage it well.

Stay Positive:

A few minutes of prayer every day can help you stay positive. You can also practice Yoga, do exercise and take a balanced diet.

Stay Updated with Current Affairs:

You should read the newspapers, magazines regularly and also stay updated with current affairs. Pay special attention to the banking and finance industry. Other topics you can focus on include Banking awareness, Sports, Business & Economy, Political news, Awards, static GK and more etc.

Computer Based Test:

You need to get acquainted with the online system of answering questions. It is unlike the traditional pencil-paper method.

Understand the exam pattern:

Get familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus before you begin to prepare.


All the best 

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