Indian Airforce X and Y group exam pattern 2019

Wednesday 05 June 2019

Indian Air Force x and y group examinations are organized by the Indian Air Force.Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces. 

Before starting the preparations for the Indian Air Force Examination, the full details of exam pattern and syllabus of Air Force Group X & Y examination are very important.

So in this article we are discussing the Exam pattern of X and Y gp of the Indian Air Force Examination.

Exam Pattern

Selection in the IAF Group X and Y trades is done by the Central Airman Selection Board (CASB), which includes Airman through the All India Selection Test (AIST) and recruitment rallies .

There are 3 stages of this exam

  • Online test 
  • Physical fitness test 
  • Medical test


Online test pattern for airmen group X



 S. No Subject  No. Of question  MAX. Marks  Time alloted 
 1.   English   20  20  
 2.  Physics   25  25  
 3.  Mathematics   25 25  
 TOTAL     70  70  60 min 



Online test pattern for airmen group Y


S. No  Subjects   No. Of question  Max. Marks  Time duration 
 1.   English    20  20  
 2.  Reasoning and general awareness   30  30  
 Total    50  50  45 min 



Online test pattern for airmen group X & Y

S. No Subjects  Number of questions  Max. Marks  Time duration 
 1.  English   20  20  
 2.  Physics   25  25  
 3.   Mathematics   25  25  
 4.  Reasoning and general awareness   30  30  
 TOTAL     100  100   85 min 



In order to give a correct answer to each question, one candidate will be awarded 1 point, while for every wrong answer 0.25 points will be deducted.

All the best 


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