How to Prepare for RPSC 1st Grade Paper 1

Wednesday 06 March 2019

How to Prepare for RPSC 1st Grade Paper 1

Every year, RPSC conducts the recruitment exams for the different education departments of Rajasthan. A number of students applies for the exam but only a few are selection, the reason being that there are limited number of seats and somewhere candidates/ aspirants also lacks in their preparation.

Yes, preparation is very much required to get into the merit list of RPSC 1st Grade Paper. Even the bright students fails to clear the exam due to their improper study schedule or due to lack of preparation. So, here we are going to provide you some of the best preparation which the candidates should follow in order to clear the exam.

Prepare your own time table

This is the first thing which a RPSC aspirants should do while he or she is preparing for RPSC 1st Grade. By preparing a time table, the candidate can keep a note of things which you have already covered, and most importantly they can have a check on each and every minute of their time. A strict time table is must when it comes to preparing for RPSC 1st Grade. Prepare a chart so that you each subject can get sufficient time for preparation. Study for around 12 to 14 hours daily with short power nap in between. At last, follow it strictly and it will take you into a situation where you will experience that your syllabus is over in time. Also, give a slot for revision in your Time Table.

Provide yourself with syllabus and relevant books

The next thing after preparing the Time Table is to download the latest RPSC 1st Grade Paper 1 syllabus from the official website of RPSC and accordingly, purchase the books of recognized authors. Make sure you complete the syllabus well before the exam.

Join a Good Institute

Finding the right Coaching Institute plays a vital role in deciding your fate in RPSC 1st Grade Paper 1. There are many instances when the students face issues in understanding the concepts, so in that situation, the Coaching Institutes are the most preferred choice. Therefore, look for the most reputed RPSC 1st Grade Coaching Institutes and join them immediately, if needed.

Study Regularly

Whether you join a RPSC 1st Grade Coaching Institute or not, the regular study is the must. Keep in mind that we are talking about the self-study, not about the studies which you have done in coaching. So, start studying from today before it's too late.

Gather the Previous Year Papers

Gathering the previous year question papers is one of the most important stuff which a RPSC 1st Grade Paper 1 aspirant should do. The previous year questions help the student in getting the idea of the type of questions, the difficulty of questions, and most importantly, the pattern of the paper. Purchase the previous sample paper book from the market or you can download the last year papers from the internet.

Manage the Exam Stress

It is good to have the stress of an exam as it enhances your performance in preparation for the exam. But when it goes over the limit, it can affect the student's performance adversely. So, control the stress of exam for better preparation.

Take Mock Tests

Mock Tests brings to you the exact environment of the paper. So, attempting the maximum number of mock tests is the best answer to your question that - how to prepare for RPSC 1st Grade Paper 1. We have always heard the line that practice makes man perfect. This is so true in the case of RPSC 1st Grade. The more the students solve the mock test papers, the more confidence they develop in themselves.

These are some of the important tips which the candidates who are preparing for RPSC 1st Grade must follow.

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