Exam Pattern for RPSC 2nd Grade

Tuesday 30 April 2019

It has been about 50 years of glorious run for Rajasthan Public Service Commission. This government department is functioning well in conducting various state level exams and one of the RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher Examination. So, all the aspirants of Rajasthan who are looking forward to become a government teacher, should appear in this examination. 

Note that this job location after clearing the RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher Examination will be Rajasthan. Hence, by now you must have understood that this is a state level examination.  

Here we are going to discuss about the exam pattern of RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher's examination. But before that we are going to make you aware about some of the other information related to RPSC 2nd Grade. There are total two phases/ papers in the RPSC 2nd Grade recruitment. 

In the first papers, the syllabus will be same for all the candidates. In this paper, the candidate's knowledge about Rajasthan will be checked. After writing the paper 1 examination, only the selected candidates will become eligible to appear for the 2nd paper of the examination. This is done according to the merit list. In the second paper, the knowledge of candidates in their field subject will be tested. 

Again after the second paper, a new merit list will be prepared and only a few candidates will be given the joining letter. Therefore, prepare hard as the competition is quite stiff. 

Now, let us check the exam pattern for RPSC 2nd Grade Teachers Examination. 

RPSC 2nd Grade Exam Pattern for Paper 1

The RPSC 2nd Grade Exam Pattern for paper 1 is as follows: 

All the questions which will be putted up in the paper one will be objective one i.e. the questions will be multiple choice questions. 

A total of 100 questions will be asked in the RPSC 2nd Grade Paper 1. 

Every questions will be of 2 marks, which makes the complete question paper of 200 marks. 

A maximum of two hours will be allotted to the aspirants to answer these 200 questions. 

The questions which are being asked in this paper are from five different subjects and that are: 

Geographical, Historical, Cultural, and general knowledge of rajasthan  40 80  
Current affairs of Rajasthan  10 20  
General knowledge of world and India  30 60  
Educational psychology 20 40  
  100 200 2 hours


RPSC 2nd Grade Exam pattern for Paper 2

The RPSC 2nd Grade Exam Pattern for paper 2 is as follows: 

The paper 2 of the RPSC 2nd Grade will be subject specific. 

A total of 150 questions will be asked in this paper. 

In this paper, each question will be of two marks. So, the maximum marks of this paper is 300 marks. 

The time allotted to answer these 150 questions is 2 hour 30 minutes (150 minutes). 

Also, there is a negative marking scheme in the RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher Examination. 

The RPSC 2nd Grade exam consists of three sections and that are: 

Knowledge of secondary and senior secondary standard  about relevant subjects matter  90 180  
Knowledge of graduation standard about relevant subject matter 40 80  
Teaching mathod of relevant subjects  20 40  
  150 max. Questions  300 2 hour 30 minutes 


Hence, this is the exam pattern of RPSC 2nd Grade Teachers Examinations. Be clear in all the above mentioned subjects to clear this examination. 


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