Daily Gk Quiz 12/07/2018

Thursday 12 July 2018

Q1) Name the mobile app launched by BSNL which allows users to dial any telephone number in India through its mobile app?

Q2) Name the place where India is going to setup its first private sector unit for manufacturing Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) and light bulletproof vehicles (LBPV)?

Q3) 5 new languages has been added in Rajya Sabha, which allows members to speak in how many total number of languages from this mansson session of Parliament?

Q4) Which state has been ranked by as the easiest Indian state to do business?

Q5) What is the rank of India in the Global Innovation Index (GII) which was released recently, also name countries who ranked as top three in Global Innovation Index?

Q6) Indian Railways is all set to send its 6DMU (Diesel Multiple Units) trains containing 78 modern coaches to which country which costs it Rs 600 crore?

Q7) Name the mountaineer who becomes the second Indian to climb Mt Ojos del Salado (the highest volcano in the world) after Malli Mastan Babu?

Q8) Indian economy has been ranked at which place by world bank’s report which was published recently?

Q9) HDFC Group has crossed the 10 trillion mark. It has become the 2nd business house to achieve this feat. Which was the first one?

Q10) Name the Indian navy’s first-ever warship which entered to the port of Sabang in Indonesia?




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Ans-1. WINGS 

Ans-2. Kota, Rajasthan. Along with DCM Shriram Industries Group on the campus of Shriram Rayons

Ans-3. 22 total, 5 new languages which are added are  Dogri, Kashmiri, Konkani, Santhali & Sindhi

Ans-4. Andhra Pradesh followed by Telangana and haryana

Ans-5. 57th, Top 3 Countries in Global Innovation Index are: Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden

Ans-6. Sri Lanka

Ans-7. Satyarup Siddhanta

Ans-8. India has become the world’s sixth-biggest economy, pushing France into seventh place

Ans-9. Tata Group

Ans-10. INS Sumitra

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