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Ranking, Order and Time Sequence

This chapter deals with all arrangements of Persons/objects related to ascending/descending order based on facts like, rank, position from row. Position can be from right to left or top to bottom and vice versa in a row.

In this type of questions we uses ‘<’ and ‘>’ frequently

  • ‘>’ is used for Heavier, taller, greater, higher etc
  • ‘<’ is used for Lighter, shorter, smaller, lower etc

With the help of these symbols we can move towards ascending and descending order

Q1). In a row of students, position of Amit from left side/top of the row is 27th and Position of Amit from right side/bottom of the row is 34th. Find the total no of student in the row.


Total no of student/Person = Sum of position from (left + right) or (top + bottom) – 1


Total no of student = 27 + 34 - 1 = 60

Note: Since Amit is counted twice, once while counting from left and second time when we are counting from right side. So we had subtracted 1.

If question will be asked in Top/Bottom case:

Q2). In a row of 20 persons, position of Amit from right side of a row is 14th. Find the position of Amit from left side of the row


Q3). Sona is heavier than Amit but not as heavier as Rahul. Amit is heavier than Jyoti. Kanchan is heavier than Sona but not as heavier than Rahul. Who is the heaviest?


  • R > S >A        ->   Sona is heavier than Amit but not as heavier as Rahul, Means Rahul is    heavier than Sona.
  • A > J               ->    Amit is heavier than Jyoti.
  • R > K > S       ->     Kanchan is heavier than Sona but Rahul is heavier than Kanchan.

        Arranging above case, we get:   R > K > S > A > J    Ans.

Q4). B is heavier than A and C but C is taller than him. D is not as tall as C while A is the shortest. C is not as heavy as A. D is heavier than B but shorter than him. Find the tallest and heaviest person in the group of A, B, C & D.


Q5). In a row of persons, position of Amit from left side of the row is 15th and there are 5 Person after Amit in the row. Find the total number of Persons in the row.


Position of Amit from Left Side = 15th

Person after Amit = 5

Total Number of Person = 15+5 =20

Q6).  In a class of 30 students, Mahesh is 14th from the left and Ramesh is 20th from the right end. How many students are there between Ramesh and Mahesh?


In these types of questions we have to take care of two cases.


If (Position of Ramesh + Position of Mahesh) > Total Students. And Ramesh and Mahesh are in opposite Directions. It means they are overlapping each other in that row. So, in this case find their opposite direction of anyone of them to make solution easier.

Solution: Position of Ramesh from left = 30 – 20 + 1 = 11th

                Here we added 1 because:

Students Behind Ramesh = Total Student – Ramesh Position = 30-20 =10. So 10 students are behind Ramesh.  Since the position of Ramesh is 11th.

According to the question position of Mahesh will be 14th from left

Clearly 2 students are in between Ramesh and Mahesh at position 12th and 13th.


If (Position of Ramesh + Mahesh) > Total Students. And Ramesh and Mahesh are in same Directions.

                Position of Ramesh from Right = 20th

                Position of Mahesh from Right = 30 – 14 +1 =17th

                Clearly there are 2 students in between Ramesh & Mahesh.

Q7).  In question no 6, if they do not overlapped like. In a class of 30 students, Mahesh is 10th from the left and Ramesh is 14th from the right. How many students are there in between Ramesh and Mahesh.



If (Position of Ramesh + Position of Mahesh) < Total Students.

To Solve this we have a simple formula: Total students – (Position of Ramesh + Position of mahesh) = 30 – (10+14) = 6

No. of students in between Ramesh and Mahesh are 30-24 = 6.

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