Direction Sensing

Direction sensing related problems can be solved by measuring the distance between two points i.e. shortest distance or we can say that we have to find displacement.

Let’s have a look on the knowledge about direction and how to move in which direction, angular movement of direction etc.

Representation of Direction

Some Important points to be remember

  • Left Turn  means Anticlockwise turn
  • Right Turn means clockwise turn
  • In the morning  sun rises in East, the shadow of an object is in the West direction
  • In the evening, sun sets in West, the shadow of an object will be in the East direction

There will be no shadow at 12:00 noon as the sun is vertically downwards at that time.

Q1). At sunset, Amit and Deepak are having a conversation standing in front of each other. If Amit’s shadow was exactly to the right of Amit, then in which direction was Deepak facing?


From the above diagram we can easily understand that Amit is standing facing North and Deepak is facing south.

Q2). If south west become north, then what will North-East be?


As we know if southwest becomes north then we have to move 135° clockwise. Hence if we move 135° clockwise from North-East, then from the picture it can be clearly said that it will become South.

Q3). Ram walks 6 km south, then turns left and walk 3km, again turns left and walk 4 km, in which direction he will be facing now?


From the above figure it can be clearly stated that ram is facing north

Q4). Poonam walked from X to Y in the east 10km, and then she turned to the right and walked 3 km. Again she turns right and walked 14 Km. How far is she from X?


Using Pythagoras theorem we find the final distance from X will be 5 Km

Q5). If south west become north, then what will North-East be?


Total distance travelled by Rahul = 10+30+50 = 90m

Q6).Vijay start walking faces north and takes right turn and move 5 km and again takes a left turn and move 10 km and again takes a left turn and moves 10 Km and again takes a right turn and move 10km and finally takes a left turn and more another 10 Km.

  1. What is the minimum distance between starting and final point
  2. What is the minimum distance between second turn and fourth turn



Q7). Raj travelled a distance of 40m towards south. Then he turns right and travelled 15 m, again trun right and travelled 50m. Turning to right, then travelled for 15m. Finally he turned to left at an angle of 45°. In which direction he was running finally?


Raj is in the North East direction

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