A word or group of words that is used before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show direction, location, or time, or to introduce an object.

  1. The book is under the table - The word 'under' tells about the location of book, thus it is a preposition
  2. I go to school by bus - The word 'by' tells how I go to school, thus it is a preposition


Some Important Prepositions


  1. To - To is used to denote a destination, eg: Priya is going to school

  2. Towards - Towards is used to denote a direction, eg: Shyam is going towards temple

  3. For - For is used to show direction of a perticular destination, eg: Rohan is leaving for Delhi tonight

  4. Along - Along is used to so something going paralell to another, eg: He walks along the road

  5. Against - Against is used to denote disagreement, eg: We should against dowery

  6. With - With is used to denote agreement, eg: I am with You

  7. Beyond - Beyond is used to show the thing which is out of context/power eg: This case is byond the juridiction of the court

  8. Off - Off denotes the sepration, eg: Keep the dog off the flower

  9. Behind - Behind is used when a thing is on the other part of something, eg: Rakesh hid behind the door

  10. About - About denotes when we talk about a perticular person, eg: I know about him

  11. Of - Of is used to denote the possessness of a non-living thing, eg: Leg of chair

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