A noun refers to the name of a person, animal, place, thing, or idea. The English word noun came from the Latin word "nomen", which means “name.”
Kinds of Noun:

  1. Common Noun: It is the name given to common class to same kind of objects. eg: boy, girl, jeans, chair.
    Note:-  Boy, girl, chair denotes to a class of object. Their might be any number of chairs or boys or girls.

  2. Proper Noun: It is the name given to some perticular person, thing or plage eg: India, Delhi, Priya, Levis.
    Note:-  Priya is Proper Noun whereas priya belongs to the class girl, therefore girl is a common noun same as Levis is a Proper Noun and Jeans is a common Noun.

  3. Collective Noun: It is the name given to the group of person, thing or place which is spoken together as a whole eg: family, army, team, audience, committee

  4. Abstract Noun: It is the name of a quality, idea, concept etc eg: Confidence, Courage, Beauty, Honesty.

  5. Material Noun: The name given to materials or substance such as Gold, Iron, Honey, Water, Coal, Wheat.


Types of Noun

The nouns are of two types

  1. Countable: The noun which we can count eg: We have four pen, I have many friends. Here we can count the number of pen and the number of friends.
  2. Uncountable: The noun which we cannnot count eg: I want to drink water, We get Oxygen from trees. Here we cann't count the Water and Oxygen, so they are uncountable


Number of Noun


  1. Singular: These noun denotes to only one person, one place and one thing only eg: Chair, Girl, City.
  2. Plural: These noun denotes to more than one person, place or thing eg: Chairs, Girls, Cities.


Gender of Noun


  1. Masculine: This noun denotes to the male sex eg: Brother, Tiger, Summer.
  2. Feminine: This noun denotes to the female sex eg: Chair, Girl, Sister.
  3. Common Gender: These noun denotes both male and female gender eg: Child, Baby, Teacher, Student.
  4. Neuter: These noun neither denotes to male or a female eg: Book, TV, Room.


Rules of Noun

Their are several rules which we have to follow while using noun

Rule 1

Some noun are always used as Plural, we cannot make them singular by adding 's' or 'es' at the end of these nouns, for eg: pants, trousers, scissors, arrears, remains, surroundings, wages, belongings, googles, binoculars,etc.

  1. My spectacles are very costly - Here we cannot use 'is' in place of 'are', my spectacles is very costly will be wrong.
  2. Orders for his transfer have been Issued - We must use 'orders', using order will be wrong.
  3. Give me my pants - We must use 'pants' in place of 'pant'. Using pant will be wrong.
  4. Kindly give me your scissors - We must use 'scissors' in place of 'scissor'. Using scissor will be wrong.


Rule 2

Some noun looks likes Plural but actually they are Singular. These nouns ends with 's' or 'es' but they are uses with singular verb eg: Physics, Plotics, News, Innings, Atheletics, Economics, The United States, Measeles etc.

  1. Nowadays no news is good one - Here we cannot use 'are' in place of 'is', no news are good one will be wrong.
  2. A series of matches is being played - We must use 'is', using are after matches will be wrong.
  3. Politics is a dirty game - Using Politics 'are' will be wrong, we must use potitics is here.
  4. The measles has broken out in the town - We must use 'has' after measeles, using have after measles will be wrong.
  5. Economics is an intersting subject - We must use 'is' after economics, using are will be wrong after economics.


Rule 3

Some nouns looks like singular but actually they are Plural, we never uses 's' or 'es' with them to make them Plural for eg: police, people, cattle, children, team, public etc. We cannot make these nouns plural. If we write informations, hairs, foods, sceneries, furnitures then it will be wrong.

  1. Police have arrested the theives - We must use 'police', using 'polices' will be wrong, we cannot use 's or es' after police. We must use 'have' after police even police looks like singular noun. Using 'has' after police will be wrong.
  2. His family are not agreed on this point - We must use 'family', using 'families' will be wrong, we cannot use 's or es' after family. We must use 'are' after family even family looks like singular noun. Using 'is' after family will be wrong.
  3. Cattle are grazing in the field - Using 'cattles' will be wrong we must use 'cattle'. Using 'is' after Cattle will be wrong, 'are' should be used.
  4. Infantry have marched forward - We cannot use 'had' after Infantry, 'have' should be used after infentry and using 'infantries' will also be wrong.


Rule 4

Some nouns are only used in Singular Form, there are uncountable nouns. We never use A/An with these nouns eg: Information, Hair, Material, Work, Scenery, Poetry, Furniture, Advice, Luggage, Fuel, Paper, Equipment

  1. He gave me infromation - We cannot use 'He gave me an information'. Using 'An' before information(Uncountable noun) is wrong.
  2. The scenery of Kashmir is very charming - We never say A scenery of Kashmir is very chaming. Using a before scenery(Uncountable noun) is wrong.
  3. Young person dislike the advice of elderly people - We always use Advice, we never uses Advices
  4. His hair is black - If we use His hair are black, then it will be wrong, we must uses his hair is black.


If we want these noun to show the form of singularity then we add these nouns with some other words like given below.

  1. He give me a piece of work.
  2. He spoke a word of abuse.
  3. He gave me a piece of information.
  4. Police found a string of hair in the car


If we want to show the form of plurality then we uses

  1. He give me two pieces of bread.
  2. All pieces of information given by her were reliable


Rule 5

Some nouns remains same in both Singular and Plural forms for eg: aircraft, fish, sheep, dear, series, team, jurey etc.

  1. A sheep is grazing in the field. (Singular Form)
  2. Sheep are economically useful. (Plural Form)
  3. Our team is best. (Singular Form)
  4. Our team are taking their breakfast. (Plural Form)


Rule 6

We never uses a compound noun(numerical + noun) in prural form

  1. He participated in a ten-mile race - We always use 'ten-mile', if we use 'ten-miles' then it will be wrong.
  2. I saw a six-year boy in classroom - We always use 'six-year', if we use 'six-years' then it will be wrong.
  3. I found a twenty-rupee note on roadside - We always use 'twenty-rupee', if we use 'twenty-rupees' then it will be wrong.
  4. He stays in five-star hotels - We always use 'five-star', if we use 'five-stars' then it will be wrong.


Rule 7

If nouns are repeating and have a preposition between them, then noun must be in singular form like:

  1. He enquired from door to door - Here we have preposition 'to' between the repeating noun 'door'. Therefore the noun 'door' must be in singular form.
  2. Hour after hour are passing, but ram not reached yet - Here we have preposition 'after' between the repeating noun 'hour'. Therefore the noun 'hour' must be in singular form.


Rule 8

Some noun which we generally speeks wrong:

  1. Cousion brother/sister (Wrong) - Cusion (Correct)
  2. Bad Dream (Wrong) - Nightmare (Correct)
  3. Strong Breeze (Wrong : Breeze is always light, smooth and gentle) - Strong Wind (Correct)
  4. Good name (Wrong) - Name (Correct)

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