An article is a word used to modify a noun which is a person, place, object, or idea. Articles are used before only nouns to focus on the accuracy of the nouns. There are two different types of articles that we use in writing and while speeking.

Types of articles


  1. Indefinite articles – A, An
  2. Definite articles – The


Where to use Articles ‘A’, ‘An’

Their are several rules which we have to follow while using the 'A' and 'An' articles

Rule 1

You should choose between ‘A’ and ‘An’ on the basis of SOUND

  1. ‘A’ is used before a word beginning with constant eg: a boy, a child, a book
  2. ‘A’ is used before a word beginning with vowel giving sound of constant eg: a European, a uniform, a unique book
  3. ‘An’ is used before a word beginning with vowel and mute ‘h’. eg: An apple, an ass, an hour, an heir, an honest man


Rule 2

Indefinate Articles is used to express a class(Class means a group of thing eg: cow, kilo, book).

  1. It is used before singular/countable common noun when it is mentioned for first time eg: I need a book, Please get me a scooterA beggar came to my door

  2. It is used before a singular noun which is used to point out some specific thing or persong form a class of things, animals and persons eg: a cow is a usefull animal, a rose is a beautifull flower

  3. It is used to make common noun of a proper noun to express quality eg: A Shylock is living in my neighbourhood

  4. It is used to express quantity of a thing with fixed numners eg: A dozen banana, Half a dozen

  5. It is used in exclamation with 'what' or 'how' before countable nouns eg: What a hot day!, What apreety girl, How fine a day is!

  6. It is used before the verbs used as nouns eg: For a drive, for a swim, for a walk, Have a taste

  7. It is used before certain phrases eg: In a hurry, Make a noise, Tell a lie

  8. Before the adjectives to give sense of some: a littlea few


Note:- In case of abbrivations like MLA, MP, FIR we use 'an' in place of 'a' because while speeking these words we get the sound of 'a' in these words like am(in MLA/MP) and ef(in FIR).


Rule 3

Definate article 'The' is used:

  1. When we talk about a person or a thing which is already mentioned, known or under the discussion eg: The men(which you mentioned) in white shirt is my brother, Let us study the lesson carefully.

  2. Befor Proper noun(unique objects) when we rfers to the names of historical buildings, names of trains, mountain ranges, rivers, hotels, oceans, planets, shops etc eg: The persian Gulf, The Taj Mahal, The Earth, The USA

  3. When a singular noun express a class of animal or things eg: The dog is a faithfull animal, The roseis a sweet flower

  4. Before comparision eg: She is the stronger of the two brothers

  5. Before physical positions eg: The top of the mountain, The centre of market

  6. Before the units of measurements eg: Cloth is sold by the metre, Eggs are sold by the dozon

  7. Before the organs of government eg: The JudiceryThe Legislature

  8. Before the political parties eg: The BJPThe CongressThe Labour Party

  9. Before the Armed Forces eg: The ArmyThe PoliceThe Air Force


Note:- In case of abbrivations like MLA, MP, FIR we use 'an' in place of 'a' because while speeking these words we get the sound of 'a' in these words like am(in MLA/MP) and ef(in FIR).

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