Adjective is a used before a noun or a pronoun to show its quality.

  1. Ram is a good boy - Here the adjective good shows the quality of noun boy.
  2. She is a kind lady - Here the adjective kind shows the quality of noun lady.


Kinds of Adjective


  1. Adjective of Quality: Adjective of quality are used to describe the nature of a noun, eg: He is a goodboy, this example shows the quality of boy. Some adjective of quality are - good, smart, wise, cleaver, wonderfull, nice etc.

  2. Adjective of Quantity: Adjective showing the quantity of nouns or pronouns is called Adjective of Quantity, eg: He has little knowledge, this example shows the quantity of knowledge which he have. Some adjective of quantity are - some, no, enough, sufficient, little etc.

  3. Proper Adjective: Proper adjective are made from the proper noun, if Canada is the proper noun, Canadian is the proper adjective.

  4. Adjective of Number: These adjectives denotes to the actual number of a thing, eg: two books, fourpen, Few girls, several boys

  5. Demonstrative Adjective: Demonstrative adjective are used to point out specific people or things, eg: this boy, that group, these people, those countries.

  6. Distributive Adjective: Those Adjective which refers to every person or thing of a perticular class are known as Distributive Adjectives, eg: Every student get a choclate, Each student is honest. Some Distributive adjective are: Each, every, either, neither.

  7. Interrogative Adjective: Interrogative adjective are used to ask questions, eg: What program are you watching, Which room is hers. Some Interrogative adjectives are - Which, What, Whose etc.

  8. Possessive Adjective: Possessive adjective shows the relationship/owenership of a thing, eg: mybook, our class

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करंट अफेयर्स 06/03/2019

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Current affairs 06/03/2019

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